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General CSS Styling

This article covers the general styling used across the site. Specific template or element styling may be covered in their own posts. All Custom CSS is in the Customizer > Additional CSS. Theme Elements Navigation …

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The Single Product

Niche brings a new layout to the Single Product by introducing a stacked gallery for desktop, moves the Woocommerce breadcrumb and makes the summary Sticky. To do this required, guess what some Hook Elements and …

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The Shop

The advanced Woocommerce features in GeneratePress Premium 1.8 has allowed my to divulge in some new custom functions and styling. Upon visiting the Shop page you will see several custom elements and styles. Category Navigation …

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Off Canvas Panel

The Off Canvas Panel provides more then another place to add your navigation. With Widget Areas and Hooks it can be loaded with extra elements. As covered in the How the Show was made post …

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